David Brooks – X-Copters
David Brooks

David of X-Copters bucked the endless trend of Phantom and Inspires by using a Tarot Pro 680 for his practical flight test.

X-Copters deliver aerial photography, filming, inspections, crop density, agronomist surveys and aerial field walking.

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Shashi Patel – Mister Drone Boy
Shashi Patel

Shashi was on our first ever Academy course and passed with flying colours after a safe practical flight test.

Shashi’s company, Mister Drone Boy, offers an enormous and impressive range of drone services: Weddings, construction / demolition / surveying / mapping, heritage, travel, leisure, tourism, agriculture, nature and landscape conservation, sports, events, real estate, media and post production editing.

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Jan Wilson – Falcon Fires
Jan Wilson

Owner of Falcon Fires, Jan Wilson, completed his CAP‑C course in August 2016.

Jan has been a stove and chimney specialist since 1990 and took over the family business in 2007.

Falcon Fires will be using SUSA’s for chimney services, taking footage of chimney stacks prior to any work on the chimney. The survey will confirm whether the chimney is open and operational and if it’s in need of a chimney pot or repointing.

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Claire Buckley – Spare Wheel Productions
Claire Buckley

Documentary film-maker Claire Buckley of Spare Wheel Productions completed her CAP‑C course in August 2016.

Claire is also a solo glider pilot and is currently completing her Private Pilots Licence. Spare Wheel Productions provide aerial videography and photography services based in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire.

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Ross Ceaton and Michael Delahunty – UAV Insight
Ross Ceaton and Mickey Delahunty

Ross and Michael of UAV Insight passed their practical flight test at our private airfield in Surrey.

Flying an Inspire 1, they provided a very safe and thorough demonstration of their flight planning and flying skills. UAV Insight carried out a range of aerial services: Filming, surveying, 360° video and property development. Not only this, they are marine specialists, offering services in surveying/monitoring, offshore structure inspection and vessel promotional videos.

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Alex Wilkinson – Alex Wilkinson Photography and Videography
Alex Wilkinson

Alex took his practical flight test back in March 2016 and demonstrated a very thorough and safe approach to operating commercially.

Since then he has continued to hone his flying skills and is a credit to the UAV industry by delivering unique aerial photography and videography in wildlife and environment, commercial media, sport, building, architecture and land inspection.

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Philip Hind – Toofast Media Group
Philip Hind

Philip of Toofast Media Group, an action sport and corporate film maker, was on our first ever CAP‑C course.

Toofast Media Group is a family business, specialising in the Motorcycle arena and has been making films professionally since 2011.

The aerial footage they capture complements their ground shots, particularly with scene setting and atmospheric shots.

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