Peter Armstrong spent 20 years at the BBC, working on various TV shows before leaving to be an independent film maker for 15 years. He is best known for his innovative religious programming, and as the Founder and Project Editor of the BBC’s Domesday Project (1986), for which he won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2004 BAFTAs. Peter’s most recent work includes filming of wind turbines on a project that is focused on renewable energy.


Peter found the prospect of using drones exciting right from the outset, given the barriers and obstacles drones can overcome in comparison to traditional, stationary filming methods. Aware of the necessity of completing a drone course to learn to fly commercially, Peter signed up to a Commercial UAV Course taught by UAV expert, Alan Perrin.


Peter runs his own media company, Empathy Media, and has created some truly beautiful pieces including ‘Through the blue bells’ – an homage to his late daughter, Boo Armstrong. His other daughter, Franny is also a well-respected filmmaker.


Peter found the course at Commercial UAV academy extremely thorough … ‘utterly enjoyable’ and comments that Alan Perrin was a “wonderful teacher who made the work fun: the course included videos and articles of cautionary tales, notably the accidents which occur when people fly drones in unsafe circumstances.”


In regard to the value of the drone course, Peter notes that “£1,000 wouldn’t get you even one days filming, so the CUAVA certification is well worth it. I strongly recommend the drone training course at the Commercial UAV Academy.”


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