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How architectural design & measured surveying providers, CLOCKWORKLIME Ltd, benefit from using drones as part of the business.

Until recently, if a surveyor needed to carry out an aerial survey, they would be required to hire an aircraft with photogrammetry equipment on board – an expensive and time-consuming process.

Now, UAV technology offers a comparatively cost-effective alternative, making drones an ever-more popular and valuable tool in the industry.

CLOCKWORKLIME (CWL) provides high quality measured surveying services across the UK. For CWL’s Managing Director, Stephen Smith, the benefits of using drones are clear:

“Using a SUSA (Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft) is an efficient way to carry out visual and even-measured surveys, and it provides us with more flexibility and additional ways to service our clients needs in-house, without having to use other specialist companies or agencies”, says Stephen.


UAV Photogrammetry & business growth

Stephen completed Cambridge UAV Academy’s CAP-C course in October 2016, and as a result was able to gain his Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority.

“We intend to use SUSA for geo-referenced photogrammetry – making measurements from photographs to produce a map, drawing or 3D model – to compliment our existing laser scanning and measured surveying services”, says Stephen.

“Being licensed to operate drones legally will help us to grow our business. For example, we intend to expand our use of SUSA to include thermal imaging, and invest in more accurate equipment, such as the ‘Smart Planes’ system.”


Why Cambridge UAV Academy?

At first, Stephen chose Cambridge UAV Academy  (CUAVA) because of the ideal price and location. However, after further research, the professionalism and service provided by the Academy decided it.

“I found the course to be exactly as advertised. The course material was professionally put together and presented. CUAVA Instructor Alan Perrin is clearly a man of much experience in the field. He made everything clear and conveyed all the information in a professional manner”, says Stephen.

“I wanted to use SUSA’s commercially and legally, with confidence. The CUAVA CAP-C course has enabled me to do that”.


You can find out more about CUAVA’s courses here, or give us a call on 01480 493800, option 2.

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