Drone photography by Alex Wilkinson

In the past, capturing aerial footage required the use of a helicopter or crane – both hugely expensive and disruptive methods that rely on a large client budget.

Drone technology now offers a more economically viable, efficient and safer alternative.

This is why in March 2016, professional photographer and videographer Alex Wilkinson completed his CAP-C course with Cambridge UAV Academy. As a result, he was able to gain his Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority.

“Drones enable you to create unique footage which otherwise wouldn’t be possible without commissioning a helicopter – a method that is not an option for the masses”, says Alex.

“I can now offer a huge range of media for all circumstances, including aerial photography and videography. This allows my customers to use my resources to create more unique, tailored material”.

Operating a drone legally

Being able to use a drone has given Alex – and therefore his clients – significantly more creative options at a lower cost.

More importantly, now that Alex has passed his CAP-C and gained a PfCO, he is able to carry out aerial work legally and safely – proof of which clients require before they procure his services.

“I decided to get my qualification and permission as operating a drone safely is not only a necessity, but it also ensures I am able to deliver the highest level of customer service and quality of work”, says Alex.

Why the Cambridge UAV Academy?

“I chose Cambridge UAV Academy because they were extremely helpful from the off; they answered all of my questions before booking, and offered me a guaranteed pass. This meant if I was to struggle with any part of the course and had to re-take, I could do so at no additional cost. Something other providers were not offering.”

“Fortunately, thanks to CUAVA’s support, I passed first time with flying colours”.

See Alex’s aerial work at www.alexwilkinsonphotography.co.uk

Find out more about our CAP-C course here, or give us a call on 01480 493800.

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