Case Study: Peter Armstrong

PETER ARMSTRONG Peter Armstrong spent 20 years at the BBC, working on various TV shows before leaving to be an independent film maker for 15 years. He is best known for his innovative religious programming, and as the Founder and … Read More

New EU rules for UAS

On 11th June 2019, An update to European drone rules was published by EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency, to ensure the future safety and security of drone operations across Europe. These new rules will help to protect the safety and … Read More

CUAVA at Wings and Wheels 2019

From the Chief Instructors seat…   2019 sees the first year that CUAVA will be exhibiting at the Wings and Wheels show at North Weald aerodrome in Essex.   Actually, this is the first year that Wings and Wheels have … Read More

Don’t unpack until you’ve read this!

To the uninitiated, it would seem nothing could be simpler than unpacking your new drone in the garden, street or local park, and simply flying it around taking pictures or video. Yet, the truth is a different picture, and is … Read More

commercial drone operator

A Photographers Guide To Starting Commercial Drone Operations

I’ve recently completed all the various steps to obtain CAA permission to operate a drone or UAV in CAA speak on a commercial basis. When I was looking in to the process in spring 2017 I found it difficult to … Read More

Fast-track Operations Manual Service

After such a brilliant response from the introduction of the fast-track Operations Manual service, Cambridge UAV Academy have decided to keep it at a price where it is ideal for prospective commercial drone pilots. What is the fast-track Operations Manual Service? … Read More