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Mobile Ground School

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Commercial UAV Academy’s Mobile Ground School is designed specifically for businesses and organisations who require training for a minimum of 6 or more staff to fly a drone for commercial purposes.

The Ground School delivers the training you need where you need it. Course instructors have a wealth of commercial experience, and are able to tailor the course to your industry and any particular requirements.

Successful participants receive the NQE recommendation certificate, a qualification required by UK Aviation Law before the Civil Aviation Authority can grant a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).


2-day ground school

The Mobile Ground School can take place at your offices, or at any alternative location of your choosing.

Classroom sessions cover:

  • Air law and responsibilities
  • UAV airspace operating principles
  • Airmanship and aviation safety
  • Human factors
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation and aviation charts
  • Aircraft knowledge
  • Operating procedures
  • Operations manual

At the end of the sessions, candidates sit a multiple-choice theory examination.

Operations manual

Upon completion of the 2 day course, your organisation will submit an operations manual for review.

drone-iconPractical flight assessment

The practical flight assessments take place at a later date, once the operations manual has been approved.

They can take place at a suitable location near you, or at one of our two Academy airfields, one in Cambridgeshire and the other in Surrey.

Candidates will be required to demonstrate the following:

  • Ability to operate to the procedures laid down in their Operations Manual
  • An understanding of local aviation restrictions
  • Assessment of risk
  • Safe handling of the aircraft
  • Management of recording media
  • Post-flight checks
  • Effective record keeping of systems
  • Crew management
  • Emergency procedures

Why choose Commercial UAV Academy?

Our instructors are industry experts, with years of teaching experience. They’ve worked on Hollywood productions; on road surveys for Highway Agency projects; flown drones for security and surveillance firms; and work frequently with the Police and emergency services.

So you’ll receive world-class training from instructors, who are able to pass on key industry knowledge.

Alan Perrin, CUAVA Instructor, with a drone
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