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Why do I need a CAA Recommendation Certificate?

Under UK Aviation Law, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requires anyone wishing to pilot a drone or UAV for reward or commercial gain to apply for a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

Even if you have permission from the land or property owner, without a PfCO you can be prosecuted. With drone use increasing rapidly, the CAA and police are cracking down on unlicensed commercial use by actively pursuing prosecutions.

But in order to apply for a PfCO, you first need to obtain a recognised qualification demonstrating your competence.

CUAVA is a Full National Qualified Entity (NQE), which means our syllabus and courses have been approved by the CAA. The NQE Recommendation certificate is the UAV pilot qualification standard required by the CAA to apply for a PfCO.

You can apply for a PfCO upto 20kg for multi-rotor or fixed-wing aircraft.

CAA-approved UAV pilot trainng: CAA logos

Commercial UAV Academy available courses


CAP-C Certificate – Complete UAV Course

From £995 plus VAT

Intensive 2-day ground school + practical flight assessment

  • Learn from qualified, experienced instructors
  • Evening workshops with industry experts
  • Multiple-choice theory exam
  • Flight operations manual assessment
  • Practical flight assessment at a later date on our private airfield
  • Mid-week and weekend courses available
  • Optional fast-track operations manual
  • Submission of PfCO application on your behalf

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CAP-C Certificate – Mobile Ground School

From £700 plus VAT

Intensive 2-day ground school in-house with practical flight assessment from our airfield

  • Designed for corporate qualifications
  • Minimum attendance of 6 candidates or more
  • We bring training and assessment to you
  • Multiple-choice theory exam
  • Flight operations manual assessment
  • Practical flight assessment at our private airfield

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At the end of the course, you’ll sit a multiple-choice exam to test your knowledge. After your course, you are required to create a written operations manual and submit it to us for assessment.

For those who have booked our PFCO course, we have a Fast-track Operations Manual service where we will provide an Operations Manual template specifically for your organisation , all to current CAA standards.

Once your manual has been approved or you have chosen the Fast-track Operations Manual option, we’ll arrange a practical flight assessment at either of our private airfields where we will test your procedures and the capabilities of your aircraft.

After passing your practical flight assessment, if you choose, we will process and submit your PfCO application to the CAA on your behalf.
Please note: You will need to have proof of insurance and the only additional cost will be the application price of your PfCO to the CAA.

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