About Us

Commercial UAV Academy (CUAVA) is a UAV ground school and flight school that helps drone operators achieve the qualifications they need to operate professionally. CUAVA was set up by experienced drone operators to meet the demand for well-trained, legally compliant commercial pilots.

caa_logoCUAVA is a full National Qualified Entity (NQE) – that means we’re a drone school approved to run courses for the Civil Aviation Authority. The CAA requires anyone wishing to operate a UAV for commercial gain to hold the CAP-C certificate or its equivalent before applying for Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

We provide intensive two-day UAV ground school courses, as well as in-house training, delivering the training and assessment required to achieve a CAA NQE Recommendation Certificate. We’ll train you for the exam and will review and approve your operations manual post-course. Once this is complete, we’ll then assess your practical flying skills through a flight test at our private airfield at a later date.

CUAVA instructors are also seasoned professional pilots, with a wealth of commercial experience – both on the ground and in the air – to pass on to our students.

The Team

Alan initially trained as a License-Without-Type engineer for a commercial airline, both in avionics and airframe categories and subsequently served in the electronics industry as a Senior Product Manager.

He has considerable experience with RC having display flown in the UK and across Europe for many years.

As a holder of a BMFA ‘B’ certificate, Alan has instructed RC flying for over 20 years at club level. He has significant multi rotor experience having flown since 2000 and holds BNUC-S and CAP-C qualifications.

Peter Ayriss is a BNUC-S and CAP-C qualified UAV operator and has over 2 years commercial flight experience on some of the most complex multi-rotor UAV’s currently in operation.

He is a keen RC flyer and has represented himself at world championships. Peter has also been invited for successive years to the Align 3D masters in Taiwan.

Peter’s approach to UAV operation is total thoroughness and safety. He regularly operates within London and other cities of the world, and as a regular instructor at his RC club Peter brings exceptional experience to all types of pilots.

Alan Perrin

Alan Perrin

Chief Instructor & Assessor

Peter Ayriss

Peter Ayriss

Instructor & Assessor

Our Partners

We’ll train you the right way to gain your PFCO.

We have confidence in our courses and know that our instructors will do their utmost to ensure that you pass. For these reasons, we are confident in people passing first time, but if you should fail at any point of the process we will retest you on the next available course for a theory test or at a convenient time for your practical flight test.

Re-tests are free of charge and your examiner will be happy to discuss any queries you may have.